Summer Workboxes

‘Tis the season…

Summer homeschool.

Before you think I’m the mean mom, forcing my kids to the kitchen table, you should read this. 🙂

Summer Workboxes via My Life as a Rinnagade

So what’s in the summer workboxes this year?

1. Morning routine sheet & Schedule of the day

Daily Schedule via My Life as a Rinnagade
IMG_12482. Copywork
We are working on perfecting the way the boys write their full names, address, phone number, and birthdays.

3. Food Study
We are focusing on understand food types, water and meal planning for kids. Look for some posts on these topics coming this summer!

4. Fruit of the Spirit
Memorizing the Fruit of the Spirit and doing a color and cut fruit project

5. Geography
Finishing up Beginning Geography

6. Handwriting
Finishing up this year’s Handwriting Without Tears

7. Math
Star Wars 1st Grade
Star Wars 2nd Grade

****Yes, this is common core aligned, but no, I have not turned to the Dark Side 😉 (I was so proud of myself for that joke…lol…). We are focusing on using the boys’ interests as natural motivators per our autism therapy so I thought I’d try it out for the summer. With two of the kids going back to public school in the fall, I figured what the heck.

8. Nature Study
We’re doing a monthly garden sketch and weekly trips to the backyard or park to sketch nature things we see. It’s really just about observation and enjoying creation.

nature study via My Life as a Rinnagade

9. Reading
Star Wars 1st Grade & Bob Books
Star Wars 2nd Grade & Level 1 or Level 2 Readers

Do you use the workbox system? If so, do you fill them in the summer?

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