Are You Missing Something Crucial in Your Homeschool?: A Look at Family Time Fitness & a Giveaway

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I am not exactly what you would call…athletic.

It’s not that I don’t want to be – I would love to be that person who wakes up early and runs a mile and feels rejuvenated afterwards, ready to start the day. I am fully aware of all the health benefits to exercising – not just for me but for my kids. And yet, I don’t make it a priority.



There seems to never be enough of it, especially with homeschool. But I started to see a change in the boys this year – they are now 9, 9 and 8. We have always have sensory challenges and high energy but this year it hit a boiling point. That’s when I realized something was missing. Something crucial was missing…not a therapy or a supplement or a diet change…but exercise. Regularly exerting energy is just what our entire family needed.

In the past we just counted “playing outside” and sports as PE time with our homeschool but this year I knew that was not going to cut it. The boys had PE daily for the last two years in school and not only is it something we need to add to our homeschool but it was something they missed about school.

Enter Family Time FitnessTM.

Family Time Fitness Review

When I found Family Time FitnessTM – an award-winning online company that provides physical education and health classes and programs for families -– I was more than excited to review it. So, what makes Family Time FitnessTM unique? Let’s watch a quick video to answer that…

Here’s a great quote from the website that sums it all up:

“All of our programs meet the physical education requirements for homeschooling families. Within a short period of time you will notice your kids will be more focused after completing a workout. Their attitudes will be improved. You will also notice improved athleticism which will help your children in all the sports, dance, or recreational activities.”

So how do we use it?

When our twins were diagnosed with autism, we knew that would become the lens we saw things through when making choices for them – especially academic choices. Every child benefits from regular physical activity but when you have children with sensory challenges and hyperactivity like we do, playing in the backyard and joining a sport is just not enough. I knew we had to make PE a part of our daily homeschool.

Family Time FitnessTM makes it SO easy to do just that!

This is the most comprehensive homeschool PE program I have seen. A one-year membership gets you access to workbooks, 190 lessons, sports ebooks, recipe ebooks, boot camp lessons, a co-op program, and relevant articles on the importance of physical education.

Family Time Fitness via My Life as a Rinnagade

In addition to using this program in our daily homeschool, we have really enjoyed meeting with a larger group to do PE once a week. There are some games that are just better with a group. This is why I love the co-op option. You don’t need to be in a co-op or even start one; just call up a couple other moms and gather the kids at a park once a week.

Family Time Fitness2 via My Life as a Rinnagade

Family Time FitnessTM stands out for five main reasons:

  1. Step-by-Step Instruction

If you can read, you can teach PE in your homeschool!

  1. Complete Lessons

Each lesson tells exactly what skills are being taught (mobility, balance, coordination, etc.), the equipment you need to teach (which is minimal), and suggested recovery time between sets. The lesson includes a warm up exercise, an activity/game play, a cool down, and an outdoor activity to do after the lesson.

  1. Video Help

Not sure exactly how to do frog squats? No problem…not only are they fully explained in the lesson, but a link to the video demonstration is included for every single exercise.

  1. It Solves my Problem, too

For some reason – maybe you can agree – it is easier to make “curriculum” a priority than it is something that’s meant just for me. This carves out time for me to get moving daily with the boys. I was surprised at how much of a workout I got doing it with them.

  1. They Know their Stuff

There is a ton of information about health and the benefits of exercise on their  website. Since your beliefs are what drive your actions, you need to BELIEVE in the benefits you and your child will get when you start this program.

So you’re thinking…sounds great, how do I get started?

Family Time Fitness

Well, I’ve got some good news and some even better news.

The good news is Family Time FitnessTM makes it really easy to get started with a click of a button.

The even better news is that they want to give away an entire year to one of my lucky readers. Enter to win RIGHT NOW!

Told you it was even better news ;).

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Have you ever heard of Family Time FitnessTM? How do you work PE into your homeschool day?


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